Digitizing the Retail Supply Chain: free eBook

[eBook] Flowcasting: Digitally Connecting the Retail Supply Chain

How retailers can decimate out-of-stocks with consumer-centric, continuous planning.

By Mike Doherty

The Digital Supply Chain

The retail supply chain is under siege. From always-connected consumers to calls for value chain transparency, retailers have struggled to keep up with changing expectations—to say nothing of new technologies.

Yet the companies that have invested in creating a consumer-driven, digitally connected, end-to-end supply chain planning process have reaped enormous benefits. Canadian retailer Princess Auto now consistently achieves in-stocks of around 98%, even during promotional periods. Other retailers have enhanced margins, reduced days outstanding and cycle time, and increased forecast accuracy up to 40%—all by overhauling their supply chains.

Ready to get started? In our latest eBook, Flowcasting: Digitally Connecting the Retail Supply Chain—written by supply chain expert Mike Doherty—we review leading practices for digitally connecting the retail supply chain.

You'll learn:

  • How to make sure that every point in your supply chain is driven by a single forecast: consumer demand at store level or at other customer touchpoints
  • How to connect high-level sales targets to day-to-day operating plans based on what is and isn’t selling
  • New processes that give planners the ability to quickly update key planning information like forecasts, replenishment parameters, and more
  • How overhauling your supply chain processes can boost incremental revenue, enhance margins, reduce days outstanding and cycle time, and increase forecast accuracy up to 40%

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