A Company-Wide Approach to On-Demand Talent

Partner with the market leader to deliver custom solutions across your company

Company-Wide Solutions, Tailored Just for You

Business Talent Group (BTG) pioneered the idea of connecting the best independent consultants and executives with companies to drive high-impact projects. Today, 20-50% of large companies are outsourced and the number of freelancers working in the US is up to 35%. These shifts in how work gets done is fueling the evolution of the gig economy.

Are you looking for company-wide ways to:

  • Reduce overall consulting spend without compromising quality
  • Enhance company-wide agility and develop on-demand talent solutions
  • Drive more internal ownership for transformation, performance improvement, and strategy
  • Easily tap into the gig economy and access outside expertise, on-demand

BTG Can Help

30% of the Fortune 100 already trust BTG as a partner to meet these objectives. Reach out to learn how BTG can help build these capabilities across your organization.

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