Guide: Drive Business Growth With New Workforce Models

Guide: Drive Business Growth With New Workforce Models

This guide is packed with strategies for success to driving adoption.

Help Your Company Thrive

Businesses need innovative, agile teams to keep up with changing markets. Yet standard workforce models remain antiquated and inflexible, constraining companies' abilities to respond to new opportunities.

Fortunately, a new approach that pairs the knowledge economy with technology can help procurement manage spend and bring internal clients a powerful tool for getting important work done fast. Executives benefit from on-demand support on cutting-edge initiatives, while highly-skilled independent talent are able to work on the projects at which they excel. What's more, bringing on additional resources this way is cost—and time—effective for executives and the companies they work for.

Download our guide to learn:

  • How and why companies are winning with new workforce models
  • Why Procurement and HR should champion workforce innovations
  • How to gain support from leadership for adopting new talent models
  • And more!

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