BTG eBook: Winning in New Markets

eBook: Winning in New Markets

7 Essentials To Boost The Success Of Your Next Market Adjacency Strategy

Boost Your Market Adjacency Strategy

Many companies have delivered sustained growth by expanding into nearby markets. Of the fastest-growing companies from a group of 2,250, 72% pursued adjacencies; 28% did not. Adjacency moves are risky and according to Bain, only one in four met long-term expectations. The others either failed to achieve their goals or were deemed outright failures by senior management.

There's good news though, there are things you can do to set yourself up for success! In our latest eBook, "Winning in New Markets"—written by growth expert Richard Kaung—you'll learn 7 essentials to be successful in your next market adjacency strategy.

What's Featured Inside:

  • Data-driven details about each of the essentials
  • Actionable advice that you can put to work for your next market move
  • Real expert advice. Co-authored with Richard Kaung, a trusted global adviser who helps companies grow, even under the toughest environments.

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