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How to Attract, Integrate, and Deploy the Right Talent at the Right Time

Meet Your Agile Workforce

Freelancers used to be reserved for temporary backfill or emergency support. Now, they are an essential strategic resource for today’s largest enterprises. In fact, 64% of global talent managers consider them “the new normal.”1

At Business Talent Group, we’ve seen high-end freelance talent power a new path to organizational agility. We’ve also seen companies stumble while trying to make the most of this formidable resource.

So we wrote this guide to share the best practices we’ve honed across 10+ years of work with F1000 companies. You’ll learn:

  • How to screen for the right skills
  • Best practices for managing blended teams
  • How to maximize the value of each engagement
  • How to make your company attractive to today’s top independent talent

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1 Kelly Services: From Workforce to Work Fit

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