BTG Expert Connection

Small Business and Nonprofit Expert Connection

Find talent to stabilize your organization and prepare for a post-pandemic future.

From the beginning, our mission at Business Talent Group has been to bring top on-demand, independent talent to the most important projects, thereby enhancing business performance and improving people’s lives. During these uncertain times, our mission rings truer than ever, and we want to use our platform and expertise to help where we are able.

To that end, BTG has been helping companies with fewer than 50 employees navigate disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic by connecting them with our independent consultants, experts, and executives. As of June 30, 2020, this program is no longer accepting new clients, but if you are still interested in learning more about BTG's on-demand talent marketplace, please contact us here.

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*The Small Business and Nonprofit Expert Connection Program is subject to the Program Terms. These terms are different from BTG’s standard commercial arrangements with clients and talent. BTG will not be involved in the scoping, contracts, or delivery of any projects in the Program and will have no liability in connection with such projects. By submitting a project in the form above, you (and any organization you represent): i. hereby agree to the Program Terms, and ii. agree that the information submitted is not confidential and will be shared with any talent who choose to participate in the Program. To the extent that the information submitted below represents personal data, you consent to BTG’s processing and sharing with third parties of such personal data as described in the Program Terms and our Privacy Policy.