Marketplace Landscape Assessment

Find Your Next Big Opportunity

Entering a new market? Developing a new product?

Business Talent Group connects you with top independent consultants and execs for compact, cost-effective market landscape assessments.

Conducting a market landscape doesn't have to be complex or expensive.

But it does have to be expertly done.

Business Talent Group connects top independent consultants and executives with leading companies for project-based work. Our talent have trained at top firms and worked at major corporations. The result: strategic insights coupled with a practical perspective of what will work for your business.

Why work with BTG?

  • Expertise: Get consultants who trained at top firms and have executive experience in your target area
  • Process: Supplement your data with our market research partners and test hypotheses with expert interviews
  • Results: We'll deliver a comprehensive market landscape that summarizes market availability and attractiveness, unmet needs, competitive dynamics, and major market trends

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