The legal entity or individual making a referral to BTG (“you”) must be currently registered in BTG’s talent network to participate in this referral fee program (the “Program”). The Program is subject to the BTG Terms of Use available at and these terms.

  1. You may participate in the Program only if you are based in the United States or United Kingdom.

  2. By making a referral, you represent that you have obtained all required consents from the subject of your referral (the “Referee”) under applicable privacy laws and regulations to share their personal information with BTG for BTG’s processing pursuant to our Privacy Policy available at

  3. BTG reserves the right to accept or reject any Referee in BTG’s sole discretion.

  4. If your Referee is accepted into BTG’s talent network and is engaged on a project with BTG within six (6) months of the date you submitted the referral form, BTG will pay you a one-time referral fee of $1,000 (if based in the U.S.) / £1,000 (if based in the U.K.) (the “Referral Fee”).

  5. If your Referee is engaged on a project meeting those criteria, BTG will notify you via email that you are eligible to invoice BTG for a Referral Fee.

  6. In order to receive the Referral Fee, you must:

    1. Provide the appropriate IRS W-9 or W-8 series form and complete BTG’s direct deposit form, unless BTG already has these documents on file from a project engagement with you; and

    2. Issue an invoice to BTG via email at [email protected] for $1,000 (if based in the U.S.) / £1,000 (if based in the U.K.) for “Talent Referral Fee” and identifying the Referee by name.

  7. BTG will remit payment of the Referral Fee within thirty (30) days of receipt of the invoice and completion of the other requirements above.

  8. BTG reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Program at any time.

  9. Current BTG employees (including temporary employees) may not participate in the Program and if you make a referral but subsequently become a BTG employee before the Referral Fee is triggered under Section 4 above, you will not be eligible to receive the Referral Fee.

  10. You are responsible for any tax obligations which may apply to the Referral Fee.

  11. You may refer more than one Referee to BTG and may be eligible to receive more than one Referral Fee, subject to these terms.

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